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    Free83,56 €-
    The days the tour is organized: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, market

Tour Program

  • 1. Day

    Pokut & Huser Double Tour Every Day During The Season

    Fırtına Creek - Kemer Bridges - Şen yuva Village - Pokut/Sal Plateau - Ayder Plateau - Gelin Tülü Waterfall - Avusor Plateau - Huser Cloud Sea

    Departure Time: 09.00

    The start of our tour with 5 plateaus together starts at 08:00 in front of our agency.At the end of the day, you will forget your tiredness and unique views will be engraved in your memories. Firstly, we arrive at the Zipline place, which is a half-hour break. After the free time given here, we are on our way to Çamlıhemşin. After our break in Şen yuva village with historical stone arches, we go to the peace of Pokut Sal Plateau, the land of fairy tales. When we reach the 2050-altitude Pokut and Sal plateaus, you may not believe your eyes and question the reality a few more times:) From here to Sal Plateau, we follow the pathway through the hidden, hidden pine forests and reach Sal Plateau at the end of a short walking route. We sip our teas accompanied by the cheerful and cheerful moods of the inhabitants of this plateau, which preserves all its naturalness with its rowed and unspoilt wooden houses, and we make our way to Ayder Plateau in the long but unique landscapes. After a break on the lush green grass here, we are going to mix with the fog sea of Huser Plateau, which they call the summit of the peaks, neighbouring the clouds. If luck favours us that day, we are waiting for the sunset on the hills higher than the clouds. Before reaching here, Avusor Plateau is neighbouring us and shows us the incredible mountains, skirts and streams of Kaçkars. You can fly to infinity and freedom with the swing set up on Huser Plateau:) We enjoy this place with bagpipes and horon. We are tired but it was worth it... We seem to hear you say. Then our journey home can begin.

    Hope to see you again on another tour, another time.

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